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Hi I’m Melissa! designer, yoga teacher, world traveller, Cat lover and founder of the Auspicious Dragon.

A multi-passionate, soul-led, creative entrepreneur through and through, I started my creative career as an Interior Designer.

Coming up with conceptual ideas and making mood boards was always my favourite part of the interior design process and I was forever wishing that I could make a living by just creating mood boards – OMG I’d be so happy if I could just create beautiful visuals all day!

It wasn’t until I started in an online group coaching programme to streamline my interior design biz and move it entirely online, that while developing my own branding and website, it dawned on me that I have a passion and natural flair for graphic design!

I remember the moment I realised I wanted to make the transition form interior designer a graphic designer… I was working on one of my interiors projects and started to get a little bogged down with logistics and needed a change of energy to perk myself up. I thought about what I could do to lift my spirits and decided to carry on working on designing the new PDF Services Guide I had been working on.

As I sat there working away on this graphic design task, I felt so present, joyful and in the flow of life… my stress has melted away and it was in that inspired moment that the penny dropped… “What am I doing? Why am I pushing so hard to be an interior designer when graphic design comes so effortlessly and joyfully to me?”

….. blah blah blah

My dream of making pretty digital graphics for a living had come true!

It is my mission to use my creative gifts to serve other conscious,  passionate and ambitious business owners in making their dreams a reality by up-levelling their brand’s visual identities so they can captivate their soul clients and together, make a positive impact on the world.